Identifying and Freeing Yourself From Limiting Feeling Beliefs with Dr Doug Tataryn (C.Psych)

No matter how noble our aspirations and how aligned we are with our highest truths, even when practicing yoga and meditation daily, we can find ourselves falling into a funk or having anger, hurt or confusion come up between us and our loved ones.   Why is that?   Dr. Tataryn will overview his Four Facets of Personal and Spiritual Transformation and facilitate a group discussion on why meditation and positive thinking is not enough to create a happy and fulfilling life.   Participants will also have the opportunity to work in partners to create their own Core Feelings Psychograph (CFP).  Your CFP is a reflection of your inner emotional programming, revealing your tendency to distort the world in certain ways which keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns in life.   Seeing these patterns is a big step towards becoming free of them, while learning Dr. Tataryn’s Resonance-Based Clearing Practice is another big one that you can continue practicing and learning from after you leave the festival!