I Am.

Take the yoga from Wanderlust, mix in the community and music of Folk Fest and blend with the insights of TedTalks and you’ve got…

Manitoba’s Only Full Mind, Body and Soul Festival

Less than an hour outside Winnipeg!

Relax, Unplug, Recharge

Music, Nature, New Ideas

Come spend a weekend on Manitoba’s most unique festival grounds, personally customized for your own experience.

There are talks for you to pick up new ideas, yoga sessions for all levels and the music will blow you away on the Stage in the Woods.

Whether you are looking to relax and recharge, or if you are going through a life transition and need some new ideas to help you out, get yourself out to these unique grounds.

Mind, Body and Soul

For the Yogis, it’s yoga all day.

For the explorers, its Wisdom walks through groomed trails where green leaves filter sunshine rays to light the path ahead.

For the introspective, it’s inspirational talks to open the mind and meditation areas to let those new ideas simmer.

For those searching, it’s a place filled with individuals who have had their own journeys to share. For the music lovers, it’s a place to stretch out and fill the soul.

You’ll not find a place so conducive to unplugging, relaxing and transforming. You can’t un-know the feeling of being one with yourself and with nature. It’s an experience that writes on the canvas of your “I Am” and becomes a part of you.

Your Personal Journey

Your journey starts on the drive to the festival. A short 40 minutes north of Winnipeg, you’ll be provided access to a podcast to put your mind in the perfect place to unwind. As you drive out, you’ll be opening your mind for the experience that exists for you at the I Am Festival.

As you are greeted by the Welcome team, you’ll be guided through the paths to the festival grounds where you’ll come through Center Camp and feel the heartbeat of the festival grounds. Nature will flow in through your inhales and relax your soul.

It’s an experience that will fill you up.