Imagine spending a weekend in the heart of nature with a group of like-minded people coming together to explore and deepen their understanding of what it means to live in mind, body and soul alignment.

The I AM Festival will accomplish this vision by bringing together a diverse group of facilitators and presenters from across Manitoba and beyond that specialize in inspirational speaking, yoga instruction, music performance, massage therapy, hypno-therapy and so much more.

The I AM. Festival is an experience that holds the intention of joining together our broader community and celebrating all the ways we can expand, heal and grow individually and collectively when we come together as one.

The I Am Festival promises to be a weekend filled with fun, growth, depth and meaningful experiences that leave you feeling connected to yourself, nature and others.

Held in the Interlake region of Manitoba on a private acreage south of Teulon, MB (45 Minutes outside of Winnipeg), the I Am Festival intends to take a deeper look into the mind aspect of who we are by exploring new ways of thinking. It also strives to help us re-connect with our physical body through yoga and body workshops along with the added option for body treatments.

Finally, the I Am Festival will facilitate a soul experience with intimate music performances by some of the country’s best musical artists.

Be prepared to have your mind opened, your body attuned and your soul nourished at this year’s I Am Festival.


The I Am Crew

The I Am Festival is an event facilitated by the I Am Events Inc company, a non-profit company dedicated to providing programming and opportunities for people to experience and have access to events and products that will help them in their journey to a more connected and fulfilled life – that is, to facilitate transformational experiences.

You can find directions to the Festival HERE.

More about the Crew Behind the I Am Festival

Keith Macpherson

Keith Macpherson

Chief Connector and Synergetic Energy Orbit

Wellness expert and leader Keith Macpherson has a big vision. He believes that yoga and meditation can and will be made accessible to everybody on the planet. No matter what body size, age, demographic or gender according to Keith Macpherson yoga and meditation is the entry way to finding balance, health, inner-peace and wisdom. With his down to Earth personality and charismatic charm Keith has a special ability to motivate the masses and win over even those who might otherwise neglect their health and wellness. As a trained life coach through CTI (Coaching Training Institute, San Rafeal, CA) along with a B ED Degree and extensive yoga teacher training through Moksha Yoga International, Keith Macpherson is poised to be a global leader in community leadership involving health and wellness. Keith is responsible for identifying the synergies and creating the connections that you will become a part of at the I Am Festival.

Maurice Thibodeau

Maurice Thibodeau

Chief Engineer of Transformational Experiences

As a Certified Coach and passionate advocate for Living on Purpose, Maurice brings to the team the vision for creating transformational experiences to allow individuals the opportunity to be free and truly authentic. As a business coach, he works with entrepreneurs to pull them out of the “Doing because I should” auto-pilot mode and moves them to a  “Did it because I could” state.  He is responsible for making sure you have a great experience at the I Am Festival.

Tracy Thibodeau

Tracy Thibodeau

Chief Cat Herder and Planning Magician

Also a certified Coach, International Host of Relationship TV and a Certified Project Manager, Tracy has dedicated her life to helping individuals move forward in their lives by helping them imagine the possibility, envision their dreams and build a plan to start moving on.  Her current passion project is facilitating Mother-Daughter Workshops designed to help young women understand their own power and source of confidence and happiness.  Tracy is responsible for making sure that the vision of the I Am Festival is carried out to ensure your transformational experience.

Colette Havens

Colette Havens

Movement Maker and Volunteer Wizard

Colette Havens comes to the I Am Festival first as a dedicated Yoga Instructor running one of the sessions. She has dedicated herself in her passion towards Yoga as an everyday lifestyle helping her manage her mind, stress, weight, and everyday life and overall feels she is a more fulfilled and purposeful person. Her journey on her mat has sparked a desire to teach others how to come into their fullness and she creates an uplifting, safe environment for her students to begin to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness. Yoga is not about the shape of your body it’s about the shape of your mind!  Colette is responsible for making sure the I Am Festival has the man power to support your journey.

Not to mention the Other Wizards behind the Green Curtain:

Kristen Ollinger, Shannon McGill, Sean McGill, Ian Gall and Trevor MacDonald – we’ll have more information about these glorious people soon!  We can’t wait to share their awesomeness with you!