“soundingserene” has been a professional musician for over a decade, a yoga teacher since 2012 (Vinyasa and Yin) and is currently co-teaching “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” as a mentee through MBSR Ottawa. This past year she has become a resident musician at Yoga Public and Moksha Kildonan and regularly hosts workshops and special events (Prairie Love, Radiance). A constant student of self in relationship to life, her practices have led her to explore human life in relation to the Chakras and the science of sound as medicine which now directly influences her writing and sound crafting. Creating soundscapes using her voice, guitar, chakra tuned crystal singing bowls, in service our highest healing good.

About the quartz crystal singing bowls: they are tremendously gentle facilitators of spacious mind. Each bowl is tuned to the seven main energy centres (chakras) of the body and is a kind of sonic medicine. The sounds they sing are absorbed into the physical being helping to encourage balance and flow of energy within. A deeply nourishing sound wash is always created from a place of prayer: Sound + intention= manifestation. With love and respect, I hold prayers in my heart and mind I sound the crystal bowls to provide a soundscape intended for the individuals present each time. With gratitude and awe for everyone on their path, may we remember who we are, and may you feel safe and sound.

Leslee Watt holds both a Bachelor’s of Psychology and a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy from the University of Manitoba. She received her first yoga certification through Moksha Yoga in 2009 and since has gained over 1800 hours of training and has taught over 1500 yoga classes. She believes that yoga can act as a powerful tool in the promotion of heath and in the prevention and treatment of disease and thus founded Prana Physiotherapy & Therapeutic Yoga and the Physiologic Therapeutic Yoga Method. She has developed multiple therapeutic yoga programs that treat stress and persistent pain with breath, movement and relaxation and more recently, developed a training program to help other yoga instructors and health professionals add therapeutic yoga instruction to their skill set.



Julie Epp is a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, writer, artist, art therapist, crafter and dreamer. She is particularly interested in documenting and sharing the stories of people’s lives. Julie is passionate about helping people and believes that each person has the power to make a difference in the world. She has made it her personal mission to do what she can for the betterment of humanity.
Julie spends much of her time collaborating with musicians (hosting house concerts, YouTube channel – the Livingroom Sessions and co-founder of The Living Compassion Project), sharing inspirational messages on stones (Stone Stories Project), writing a blog (Standing in My Truth), and volunteering with children in Rwanda. She is now sponsoring a young Rwandan, Claude (who has become like a son) to study and live with her in Winnipeg.
She believes in the power of love to transform and heal.