Talent 2017

The 2017 Line Up

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Don Amero

Don Amero is a powerful stylist, 3 time Juno nominee, and engaging storyteller. He’s made beautiful music across five albums and he impresses wherever he goes with his messages of encouragement, positivity, and hope.
Raised in the notoriously tough north end of Winnipeg, Don faced his share of adversity growing up. Yet, despite the poverty, gangs, drugs, and violence that surrounded him, his life was tempered by love and support to succeed. His tireless work ethic, talent, ambition, and determination have also made him an inspiration to Aboriginal youth.




Alana Dayne

I have been very blessed that my life journey and spiritual path have led me to gifted and amazing teachers and mentors in many different genres of healing arts.  In addition to Tibetan tantra, I have been trained in Holistic Massage, Energy Healing and Reiki, and have learned Sound Healing, Taoist Sexual Yoga, NVC, Intuitive and shamanic healing arts, and plant medicine. I am a  Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Tantrika and Healing Practitioner certified and specializing in 5 Element Tibetan Tantra in the Shangpa Kagyu tradition.  This form of Tantra is referred to as “The Swift Path” and I have experienced first hand how it transforms and enriches our lives as human beings, bringing us to new levels of pleasure, awakening and healing. While living in Central America, I realized my path as a practitioner of healing arts.  Having finally embraced this path I found there was something missing, something more for me to learn and share, something bigger.  When I discovered Tantra I immediately recognized it as the authentic and powerful path  I  was searching for. I am a guide and teacher of sacred sexuality and orgasmic transformation.  My own personal Tantra practice, spiritual & sexual awakening, and life journey enable me to use experience-based guidance coupled with powerful Tantra techniques and practices to help you in your journey of awakening and liberation. Learn more at www.ElementalTantra.com


Nadia El-Gabalawy

 I began to study yoga and meditation while I was coaching competitive sports and realized the beneficial impact it had on the athletes that I taught. I always had an aptitude for esoteric and metaphysical studies although I have spent most of my academic life studying microbiology and public health intelligence. Attempting to integrate all of these somewhat conflicting pathways into a vision of the self and the world is what led me to dedicate much of my life to meditation practice and research. I became a student at a meditation school in 2008 and have taught many meditation programs since then, for both children and adults. I traveled to Kithira, Greece to take my yoga teacher training through Semperviva Yoga College and deepened my interest through Kundalini teacher training.

I love studying multiple modalities of meditation; I attended the mindfulness based stress reduction teacher’s practicum as well as a silent 7 day Vipassana retreat. I use hemi-sync sound technology as well as spatial angle modulation to explore expanded states of consciousness.  I currently teach at Yoga Public and love it!

In my own practice, experience and searching, I have found stability and resiliency through exploration of my inner and outer world. I am a seeker and a life long explorer; forever a teacher, forever a student.



Dirty Cat Fish Band

The Dirty Catfish Brass Band’s aim is to inspire, create and instigate – but, mostly, they just want you on your feet. Undeniably tight, yet reckless as hell, The Dirty Catfish Brass Band (DCBB) deals in powerful phrasing and performances drenched with rhythm. Invoking the sounds of the New Orleans brass tradition, the nine-piece collective dares to reimagine the streets of a prairie city as one that is hot, alive, and brimming with soul. Based in Winnipeg, MB, the crew strives to surprise, challenge, tickle and pay homage to the New Orleans tradition by giving it a new audience in an unsuspecting locale. In true Louisiana tradition, these boys stick to the spontaneity of festivals, alleyway performance and all around late nights. The band doesn’t ask permission to play, and the crowd certainly doesn’t ask them to stop.


Sheena Grobb

A songbird from the age of two, songwriter at ten, with 3 albums under her belt, a string of nominations and accolades, and over 700 shows across Canada, the US, and the UK, Sheena has quietly garnered a dedicated following of those touched by her voice and music.

“I was introduced to Sheena about a year and a half ago… I literally sat in awe of her with tears rolling down my cheeks. My 12 year old son was simply blown away. She has the voice of an angel and literally reaches into your soul and holds you captivated. You will simply leave a better person than you came.” – Wendy Funk (listener and audience member)

As her music continues to pick up steam, working currently with Nashville Multi Platinum Producer David Kalmusky (Journey, Emerson Drive, Vince Gill), Sheena’s passion for emotional wellness education still remains a primary focus. As a TEDx Speaker, Teacher, and Health Coach – developed from 17 years of living and thriving with Multiple Sclerosis and working successfully with Dr. Tataryn’s acclaimed Bio Emotive Framework with Kim Nozick – Sheena is helping to provide alternative options for people struggling with illness, those looking to feel more connected in their relationships and develop a greater awareness of themselves.  “I help people get on track to where they really want to be in life… despite the obstacles.  If I can help even one other person feel more connected, authentic, and alive… I’ll have served my purpose.”

When not working on her music and private Health Coaching practice, Sheena can be found sharing her message of Courage and Compassion in schools, songwriting with youth at JustTV Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, volunteering for TEDxExchange District, hosting retreats with mindfulness expert Keith Macpherson, offering event music for Canadian Psychic Medium Lisa Scrivens, and writing a book with Kim Nozick about their shared experience with the Bio-Emotive Framework and the transformative role that conscious, authentic relationships can have when faced with physical and emotional challenges.


Brooke Palsson

Brooke Palsson is among Canadaʼs most talented up and coming singer/songwriters. With her soul soaked and soothing voice, complemented by her own sense of style on the ukulele, Brooke’s veritable vocals are matched only by her passion for performing. As a young women barely in her twenties, Brooke is accomplished beyond her years: Known Internationally for her work as a leading role in the HBO hit series Less Than Kind (seen nationally in Canada on the City TV network), the Winnipeg native has created a presence in the entertainment world having been invited to influential showcases across North America.

Brooke’s music has been featured in television programs including the aforementioned Less Than Kind and Flashpoint (seen on CTV). The Willow is Brooke’s debut recording. It’s an eight track introspective of the heart’s journey through song, including the title track (leaving behind a broken relationship for a healthy one), “Play Along” (discovering the past of a new lover) and “Come Back To Bed” (learning to let go of a bad day).

Bonnie Schroeder

Bonnie Schroeder spent over 30 years in the health and wellness domain. Having worked in the medical system as a clinician, researcher and in medical management she cultivated a real curiosity of the healing process including why some people heal and others don’t. Following this curiosity and a strong inner calling she walked away from the life she knew to travel the globe and learn from many cultures and diverse perspectives on healing, wellbeing, compassion and the true nature of happiness. Her first deep spiritual dive was at a silent retreat with Gungbar Tulku Rinpoche over 20 years ago in northern India where she began realizing that true happiness and wellbeing are indeed an inside job.

She has traversed five continents and studied with numerous gifted teachers in the areas of integral healing, meditation, stress reduction, energy medicine, personal and spiritual development. She is a lover of life and continues to greet the human journey with curiosity, compassion and genuine awe.
With a brain for science and a heart for healing, she offers a compassionate bridge between the perceived polarities of our lives; science and spirit, our inner and outer worlds, the medical and metaphysical models, our head and our heart.

Bonnie shares her integral approach to life and wellbeing as she guides people in discovering their own path to healing, living more consciously and reMembering their inherent wholeness. You can find her on facebook or at integralwellbeing@gmail.com for meditation classes, individual healing sessions, upcoming retreats and Spiritual Life Support, as well as the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program.



Noah Krol

Noah Krol started his quest into Self discovery at the age of 14 with a fascination and love for martial arts. His amazement of the deep control over body, mind and the energetic fields combined with the athleticism of the arts caused him to read every book he could on meditations, philosophies, breath control, exercise, etc, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. 22 years later, his love has grown and expanded to include Bodywork, Dance and Yoga with a specific focus of Shaivite Philosophy in its simplicity & elegance.
Noah is the owner of Peg City Yoga in Winnipeg, Canada. He is a 2200 hour graduate of Foothills College of Massage Therapy. He holds a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition, as well as, a Personal Training Specialist certificate through Can Fit Pro. Noah is accredited with a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development program and 100 hour Anusara immersion
“Our ego, our limited sense of self, is the space where subjective universal consciousness plays out what we experience as the objective world. Understand your objective, limited nature, Is the ever present flow of Universal Consciousness, then this objective field and its perceiver (your sense of limited self) become the means of Cit-Ananda.”

Marisa Cline

Marisa is a free spirit and love seeker who believes if we open ourselves to love and grace we will discover a world of beauty and infinite possibilities.

Her yoga practice began in 2008 after the birth of her daughter. The experience showed her the profound nature of the human body and its capabilities, sparking an inner light to step onto her mat to discover more and realize her authentic self.

Guided by her creative spirit, Marisa’s classes flow rhythmically through dynamic sequencing, yet are grounded by a deep connection to the breath and clear instruction. Her gentle nature inspires students to listen to their bodies, to move and breathe with love and intention, and cultivate mindful awareness. Through her bright smile shines an obvious passion that encourage others to move past limitations, challenge themselves, and tap into their true potential both on and off the mat.


Chrissy Sie-Merritt

A dreamer that wishes to transform how we navigate our way through this world, Chrissy Sie-Merritt, dives into the subtle details of life.  Inspired by the textures of all living things, Chrissy is drawn to explore the wonders of nature with paint on canvas.   Using her Yoga practice as a tool to go deeper into her artistic process, Chrissy balances a need for detail with a desire for freedom, with a free flowing drawing process using charcoal and chalk.  Gracefully dancing between the visual and healing arts world she has tapped into a sacred balance among the healing powers of colour, creation, breath and movement.


C Ernest Danyluk

PlayFullLife fulfills C’s passion of coaching others to unprecedented levels of multidimensional freedom.  A Master Meditation Instructor, Certified Life Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer combine to worship the art of playing life fully.  30 years instructing cutting edge mind/body integration technologies to executives, athletes, military, prisoners…  Former Director of Maharishi Ayurvedic College; instructing/facilitating courses in natural medicine and preventive healthcare.  Former Media Relations Administrator for Deepak Chopra. 
From age 23-31, C’s life was completely devoted to the development of higher states of consciousness.  Under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s leadership, the Sahasrashirsha Purusha group experienced rapid evolution.  Deep meditation 8 hours daily for 8 years doesn’t really mean much in itself, but it has allowed C a perspective to provide others with a magical shortcut. 

Explore ways to step out of mind-traps that confine your birthright to play the game of life fully!



Amanda Rae

Amanda is a meditation and yoga teacher based in Winnipeg Manitoba. A self proclaimed sloth yoga enthusiast, Amanda has a passion for meditative styles of yoga that allows the world to slow down a bit.

Her yoga practice began in 2010 while she was working through a period of loss, depression and anxiety. Yoga allowed her to feel safe again after a year of feeling the exact opposite. She has completed training in yin, Hatha, Vinyasa yoga and mindfulness based stress reduction. With a background in social work and individual human development, Amanda crafts her classes and workshops from a holistic perspective providing her students a mindful and meaningful practice they can take with them off of the mat and into every day life.

She owns Shift Yoga, which takes meditation and movement outside of the studio and into unique settings providing intimate experiences where students can shift their perspective of connection and self care.

She is a Siamese cat momma, nature lover, book nerd and natural introvert, who believes in life long learning and exploration.


Tally Young

Yoga is a connection to the breathe, mind and aligned movement of our bodies to open energy and let go of what is not needed.  Tally Young takes you into a practice that nurtures yoga’s basic essence.

With the guiding hand of grace, Tally will lead you through practices of healing, opening, strength and beautiful release.  As you move in practice with ease and softness, you will nurture a state of gratefulness for the presence of your body its movements and all that our bodies do for us.

Tally has over 1300 hours of study  in yoga. In offerings of therapeutic, restorative, vinyasa, yin, hatha, meditation and all that she can find to enhance the passion she vibrantly gives to others who play with her on the mat.

Come out and breathe, play and nurture your body with much love.


Willow Wolfe

Inspired by Nature

An award-winning artist and author proficient in oil, acrylic and watercolor, Willow Wolfe, is one of the art and hobby industries most sought after art educators.  As an instructor of the arts Willow’s ability to convey, inspire and communicate with artists and students worldwide has generated a loyal following and created tremendous demand for her to appear in dozens of locations a year, conducting trade shows, seminars and lectures.  Willow has published a small library of internationally available books and painting kits, as well as a multitude of articles in the industry’s best-known magazines.

Willow began working with Princeton Brush Co. over ten years ago to develop Select Artiste, one of North America’s bestselling brush lines.  Currently Princeton’s Creative Director, Willow overseas the design, development and marketing of multiple product lines.

Willow Wolfe spends considerable time in her hometown of Winnipeg, MB  teaching for the Assiniboine Park Conservancy and at the Willow Wolfe Home Studio in St. James.


Monica Angelatos BA (Adv.), E-RYT

Monica Angelatos BA (Adv.), E-RYT
Monica has over 7000 teaching hours and over 1500 hours in Teacher Trainings Certifications. She is an expert in her field, facilitating Teacher Trainings, Workshops Retreats and Specialty Classes. Her passion is in Yoga Therapeutics, including Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Healing Touch, Reiki and Pranayama.
Monica is the Founder of Thai Yin Yogassage, combining yoga with Thai Massage and Myofascial Release techniques. She is also the creator of Hynoga, combining Restorative Yoga with Hypnotherapy. Her fascination with the human body has led her to countless hours of study. This is reflected in her  anatomical knowledge and in her focus on alignment in  her Flow, Core, Power and Detox classes. You can expect a full, Mind, Body and Soul experience that will harmonize your entire being. learn more about Monica atwww.omniji.com


Natalie Reimer Anderson

Natalie began her career as a high school teacher and coach before being sidelined by a debilitating auto-immune condition. Knowing intuitively that the answer wasn’t to be found in pharmaceutical medications and disease management, she researched and found her path to healing in self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Through this deeply personal excavating and nurturing process she recovered her health, lost 90lbs, became a holistic nutritionist and fell in love with herself and her life. But beyond all of that, she discovered her calling and life’s purpose which is to share her process with those who are struggling with true and deeply abiding self-love. She believes that the relationship to yourself is the fundamental relationship of your life from which all other relationships are based, including those to; food, exercise, body image, relationship, family, finances, sexuality and romance etc… And when you authentically love and accept yourself first, you can create the life of your dreams.

Natalie’s signature system is a 9 month program based on three distinct trimesters all with a different focus to bring you to a state of love and gratitude for the divine and unique being that you are and to create lasting self-love and an empowered life.

She also hosts celebrations and workshops on “Awakening the Goddess Through Self-care and Sacred Ritual” and “Intuition Nutrition; How to Heal Your Relationship with Food and End Dieting Forever”.


Kellie Johnsen

KELLIE JOHNSEN is a practicing systemic therapy provider on the beautiful, windward side of Oahu Hawaii since 2010. She now serves clients around the Country through video and tele-therapy. A certified Hypnotherapist and Relationship Coach, Kellie believes that every person has the power to design their own destiny when given the tools to find the right answers and the courage to say them out loud.

She uses her knowledge and training in Kinesiology and subconscious intention to facilitate positive changes in her coaching clients. As a former teacher, counselor, and executive, Kellie has extensive experience working with a wide range of individuals including; stay at home moms, top corporate executives, military personnel and even teens with disabilities.

In addition to her private practice, Kellie also works in the Innovation and Experimentation field with the Department of Defense focusing on Human Systems. With degrees in Business and Counseling and advanced degree in Marriage and Family Sciences, along with extensive formal training, Kellie understands how to help you get past your past, identify and communicate your needs, and reach your goals. Kellie’s specialty is helping you identify your strengths and use them to overcome your challenges.


Darlene Tataryn

Darlene Tataryn PhD. Expressive Therapist founded Creative Learning Systems Centre for Healing, Education, and Contemplative Arts in 1992 with an operating name of One Wisdom Zen. This is a spiritually-oriented, integrally and psychotherapeuticaly-informed Center, offering discussion groups, movie nights and teachings in Integral Theory, Buddha Dharma, Meditation and Retreats, Individual and Group therapy, Guest Teachers, and Expressive Therapy/ Movement Workshops.

After being licensed as a practical nurse in 1982, Darlene attended Naropa Institute and received a certificate in Dance Movement Therapy.   Attending the dance program at University of Arizona and later, Prescott College, she finished her B.A. in Counseling with an Expressive Therapy bias. Recognized as have a Masters equivalent was Certified as an Expressive Therapist by the National Expressive Therapy Association (NETA).  On completing her dissertation, Darlene was awarded a Ph.D. from the National Institute of Expressive Therapy (NIET) committee members being Registered Clinical Psychologists and Expressive Therapist.   As an educator Darlene taught Applied Counseling Skills program with Red River College Gimli Campus instructing programs in Ethics, Practical Skills, and Counseling Theory.

A long time student of excellent teachers in varied traditions, she is authorized to teach Buddha Dharma by her primary spiritual teachers in the Zen and Karma Kaghu traditions and is presently weaving these timeless teachings with integral theory and practice.  

Darlene’s present endeavors include developing hybrid transformational practices called Asaya Process (Yoga and Qi Gong) which catenas are the Lotus Rooting Rising and Blossoming Series and a profound yet simple moving meditation called Maitreya’s Chair.


Doug Tataryn

Douglas J Tataryn, Ph.D. (C.Psych).   Doug built his working electric motor from odds and ends he found at home for his elementary science class when he was 11 years old and has continued on that path of awe, intrigue, and discovery for the rest of his life.   Doug has trained intensely in a range of areas few individuals have the interest or motivation to pursue, all of which have contributed to his unique synthesis of insights into the architecture of the human condition, the causes and remedies of suffering, and the pre-conditions necessary for the conscious creation of enhanced well-being and happiness.   
Doug began a serious meditation practice at the ripe old age of 15 and later began training in the Karma Kaghu lineage of Buddhism, doing his first 7 day retreat with lay monk Kama Ananda in 1982.   After watching “The Great Reveen”  at the age of 16 he taught himself hypnosis and spent the next few years being the life of many parties and high school trips.   Enrolling in Psychology at the U of Manitoba to pursue his yearning to understand the human mind he fell in love with psychological research and began a 20 year tech-oriented career as a computer programmer, statistical analyst, and research consultant, publishing in many top Journals,   He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1991, completing his dissertation on “A Signal Detection Analyses of Hypnotic Suggestions for Increased and Decreased Skin Sensitivity”, minoring in statistics.   During his 10 years as a professor at the University of Manitoba he developed techniques for summarizing population based data for use in evidenced-based government decision making, psycho-social issues in the development and progression of cancer, and studied the Mind-Body relationship in his own psychophysiological research laboratory.   He became a full time clinical practitioner in 2001.   Using Gendlin’s focusing technique as a main treatment intervention he collected data for three years, collating the words that people felt were the essence of their pain and tears each session.   These became the “nine core feelings” and formed the final evolution of Bio-Emotive Framework, a revolutionary understanding of the emotional system and the unrecognized and causal role it plays in most of the major psycho-social problems haunting our culture today.    He has also developed two major theoretical frameworks that he uses to guide his life coaching and therapeutic endeavors: EBIQ Integral, a 3-Dimensional Model of AQAL Integral, and The Four Facets of Human and Spiritual Development.
Doug is happily married for 30+ years to a wonderful and inspiring life partner and co-teacher, father of four beautiful adult children and enjoys gardening, making maple syrup, growing and picking native mushrooms, and hopes to get back into hang gliding this summer.


Heather McDermid

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-500) and have been practicing and studying the ancient healing art of Yoga for over 15 years.  In 2003 I achieved my Yoga Teacher’s Certification from Sandra Sammartino, a respected Yoga Master from BC, who has been my main inspiration all these years.   I believe Yoga is for everyone,  and have trained as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher and  a Kid’s Yoga Teacher.   Recently I have completed Yoga Outreach Training, where the goal is to share Trauma-Informed Yoga with those who would not otherwise have access to it.
The style of Yoga that I teach is mindful and gentle to the body, where the breath is the center and focus. When we work from a place of breath and awareness, our bodies open, our mind becomes peaceful, and prana (energy) is activated to allow deep healing for our whole body.
My teaching practice is based out of my hometown of Stonewall, Manitoba, where I offer classes for all ages.  (from birth and beyond)
Raising a family is at the heart of this journey,  we are blessed with 3 healthy, energetic children…so Yoga really keeps me balanced!
I have a passion for learning,  a love of nature,  and a deep respect for all life has to offer.


Erin O’Neil

Erin is a Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Sound Practitioner and owner of Flow Studio in Winnipeg Beach. Her teaching style infuses the foundations of Iyengar Yoga, with elements of Ceremony and Healing. Included in her practice, are 7 Crystal Singing Bowls, which facilitate a deeper sense of Well-Being and connection to Spirit.
Yoga has been essential for Erin, in overcoming much adversity in her life. She has found solace (and sanity) in her practice through loss, anxiety, physical pain and most recently postpartum depression, after the birth of her son.Inspired by her connection to indigenous healing, she has found great strength, compassion and love, in the Sundance and Sweatlodge Ceremonies. All of which encompass who she is as a teacher, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and spirit in this lifetime.
Erin lives on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, in Winnipeg Beach, with her son Raven. They enjoy bike rides, tree hugging, swimming, digging in the dirt and many other earthy pursuits.
Join her this I AM Festival for a Yoga & Sound Practice, as well as a Sound Meditation w/ Crystal Singing Bowls ♡


Journey Henkart

Journey is an author, speaker, master trainer and world traveler. She co-authored the book “Cool Communication” with her mom, Andrea Frank Henkart, which is endorsed by Deepak Choprah, Stephen Covey, and Oprah Winfrey, with a forward by John Gray (author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus”). For years Journey traveled internationally facilitating workshops and seminars on communication skills for parents and kids. She has appeared on numerous radio and tv shows internationally, including Oprah. She has been working in the field of communication for 12 years and is currently partnered with a multi-billion dollar health and wellness company, coaching people to reach their goals and live into their full potential.

For the last two years, she has served as an Ambassador for a group of over 60,000 young entrepreneurs. Her passion lies in motivating others to live, love and enjoy life to the fullest. A fun fact about Journey is she can say the alphabet backwards!



Brooke Pallson

Brooke Palsson is among Canadaʼs most talented up and coming singer/songwriters. With her soul soaked and soothing voice, complemented by her own sense of style on the ukulele, Brooke’s veritable vocals are matched only by her passion for performing. As a young women barely in her twenties, Brooke is accomplished beyond her years: Known Internationally for her work as a leading role in the HBO hit series Less Than Kind (seen nationally in Canada on the City TV network), the Winnipeg native has created a presence in the entertainment world having been invited to influential showcases across North America.

Brooke’s music has been featured in television programs including the aforementioned Less Than Kind and Flashpoint (seen on CTV). The Willow is Brooke’s debut recording. It’s an eight track introspective of the heart’s journey through song, including the title track (leaving behind a broken relationship for a healthy one), “Play Along” (discovering the past of a new lover) and “Come Back To Bed” (learning to let go of a bad day).


Jennifer Blake

Jennifer Blake is the Director and Co-owner of the Hoffman Institute Canada, which facilitates The Hoffman Process, a life-changing 7 day residential self-development program.  The Hoffman Process is designed to help people release the limiting patterns they learned in their childhood and lead their lives with choice, empowerment and passion.

In addition to teaching The Hoffman Process, Jennifer has been creating, developing and facilitating workshops at the local, provincial and national levels focused on leadership, growth, transformation and change for over 20 years.  She is highly experienced in presenting to all demographics and audiences in the entrepreneurial, corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.  She has a passion to inspire others to greatness by realizing their own true potential and inner wisdom.

Jennifer’s multiple degrees in Neuropsychology and her certification as a Hoffman Process Supervising Teacher and Coach aids her in guiding others to release barriers that they have adopted in their childhood that can still be impeding them today.  In doing so, she helps them to highly develop their E.I. and to find self-love, self-confidence and a deeper sense of purpose and passion in their lives. 

Prior to taking over as Owner and Director, she held several positions within the Hoffman Institute including the Canadian Head of Teacher Training, Enrolment Professional and Head Representative Speaker.  These roles have allowed Jennifer to facilitate workshops for thousands internationally as well as to provide coaching, direction and support for those looking to make a true difference in their lives.

Jennifer believes that all change is possible and is dedicated to living and carrying out the Hoffman Process mission statement which is “Creating world peace, by creating inner peace…one person at a time.”


For more information, or if you would like to organize a workshop, please call Jennifer at 613-884-2452 or email Jennifer@hoffmaninstitute.ca