Panel: Finding Connection in A Divided World

Panel: Finding Connection in A Divided World

A facilitated discussion about the elements that create division with practical methods on how we can safely transcend the divides to find connection. With Dr. Douglas Tataryn, Tracy Thibodeau; Purnima Chaudhari & Marla Barr.

About the Panelists:

Dr. Doug Tataryn

Dr. Tataryn received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1991 from the University of Arizona, minoring in statistics and research methodology. He spent ten years as a research professor with the University of Manitoba, affiliated with Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and then the Faculty of Nursing, a clinical psychologist with the Manitoba Cancer Treatment and Research Centre, and held a post-doctoral fellowship from the National Cancer Institute of Canada and is published in psychology, health services research, and research methodology.

Dr. Tataryn is a long-time meditator (44+ years) and founder of the Bio-Emotive Framework. He conducts seminars in integral theory, sports psychology, and the integration of psychology and spirituality. He has becoming a popular guest of podcast platforms and radio networks, is hosting online emotional training programs with attendees from around the world, and travelling and hosting emotional clearing workshop intensives around North America. His is presently working with advanced meditators and spiritual teachers on balancing life after enlightenment, using his own version of the Four Facets (integral) Model of Human Transformation.

Married 34 years with four adult children, his wife and he are both emerging teachers in the Namgyal Rinpoche line of the Karma Kagyu tradition. His wife is also an ordained Zen Priest of the Hollow Bones Order and he and his wife and eldest daughter are about to be certified by Dr. Culadassa John Yates to teach the Mind Illuminated Method of Shamatha-Vipassana.

Purnima Chaudhari

Purnima Chaudhari is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Reiki Master. She founded AyuRevive Ayurveda in 2010 and provides marma treatments and consultations. She studied marma chikitsa with the late vaidya R.K.Mishra and currently serves as the Manitoba Chair of the Ayurveda Association of Canada.

Purnima is a mutifaceted healer and works as a Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Esthetician practicing in Winnipeg manitoba. Her personal health crisis led to the discovery Ayurveda and for the past 10 years, where she studied and started practicing this ancient healing system after receive training from a world renowned Ayurvedic practitioner Vaidya R. K. Mishra of the Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) lineage. She is proficient in nadi pariksha (pulse assessment) along with Transdermal Marma treatment from Vaidya Mishra and currently offers Ayurvedic consultations and body therapies based on SVA training. She loves to educate people on Ayurvedic Dinacharya and seasonal practices which promote health and balance and hosts seasonal Ayurvedic retreats to give them a taste of Ayurveda. Her goal is to continue learning and sharing Ayurveda, help new Ayurvedic practitioners establish practice and inspire students to continue learning this ancient knowledge.

Marla Barr

Marla Barr helps you find information on digestive body and mind types, meditation, yoga, energy healing, healthy recipes, biogeology, self care courses, and how your wellness and zero-waste living go hand in hand. Marla Barr is a wellness expert with a vast background in many areas of health and wellness. Marla has a background in food science that goes back 25 years now. Over the course of that time, she has studied wellness from pretty much every aspect from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine, from Reiki to Reflexology, from Yoga to Tai Chi, from sound healing to her fun days at Stanford School of Medicine. Marla looks forward to learning about you, mentoring you, supporting you, and being your BIGGEST cheerleader on Your Wellness Journey!


Tracy Lee Thibodeau

Passionately in pursuit of projects to #SpreadLove. As a wellness advocate, Tracy brings wellness programming into homes, communities, schools and organizations.

Tracy is a mother of three daughters, co-founder of both the I Am Festival and Girls Changing the World organizations, and also acts as a full-time in-house wholeness leadership coach for Chrysalis, a  meta company devoted to cultivating the art of being human. Tracy is on a mission to help individuals connect with themselves and others, through the exploration of self and raising the conscious awareness of how we show up for each other.   She has been studying the unconscious mind and how it gets in our way for over twenty years and has been featured on CTV, Global, CJOB, CBC Radio.