Sacred Heart Holistic Healing Attunement with Brie Henderson & Samantha Sawatzky

This transformational healing with entail sharing a traditional Cacao elixir for heart opening and expansion made with Cacao beans, cayenne & honey; being anointed with a heart opening aromatherapy blend, provided with rose quartz crystals to place on the heart chakra during the Attunement, followed by a guided meditation activating our light bodies while balancing the chakras using visualization and toning, a gentle yoga series, continued by sound healing using crystal quartz singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Tingsha bells and Medicine songs and Mantras. During the healing, we will also offer individual Attunements to nourish and flourish all four body systems~the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This Attunement is a great way to recharge, reboot, restore and activate cellular rejuvenation, DNA activation, connecting with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, and overall health and well-being.