Silent Dance in the Woods with ‘C’

The dance tribe will merge to this synchronised playlist. There will be 12 iPod Shuffles available (bring your own earbuds, headphones if you like). Be certain to have access to limited music playback devices by downloading this playlist to your device (smartphone… ) at home before the festival.

 Download Dance Wave

This is a “wave”, it begins & ends peacefully with some wildness in-between. A music/dance wave is a perfect way to loosen, release & expand… optimizing the body/mind dynamic.
In keeping with the “I Am” Festival theme, there’s an emphasis on mantra music or primordial vibrations of the manifesting intelligence of nature. There’s sweet magic in losing your self, thusly finding your Self back in the Golden Glow of hOMe.

Prior experience is an illusion. Innocence is the key.