Mandalas and Meditation with Dr. Nandita Selvanathan

During the workshop, we focus on Chakras one at a time starting from Mooladhar (Root) to Sahasrar ( Crown) Chakra, discuss their role in walking on a path of spirituality, chant the Mantras associated with them. This process helps for the participants to go deep within.


After this Chakra- Mantra meditation, the participants are invited to paint /create their own Mandalas on canvas. If you would like to participate there is an additional supply fee that can be paid up front or at the Merch Store before partaking. We use various material like colored rice, colored sand, water color and/or acrylic color. Meditative music is played while everyone paints and creates their own Mandalas. The participants take home the Chakra Mandala created by them.