The mind-gut connection with Colleen Rempel

In the past 5 years, a substantial amount of research has been done on the gut-brain connection and its impact on human health, especially brain health.
There is new evidence that an imbalance or “dysbiosis” of gut bacteria is linked to dysfunction of the brain, impaired mental health, and cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.
Changes in diet have a huge impact on the balance or imbalance of gut bacteria. In fact, diets high in processed foods and low in fibre contribute to gut dysbiosis, whereas whole foods high in prebiotics and probiotics have been shown to restore balance to gut bacteria.
The gut is also connected to the health of the brain through protein digestion and vitamin/mineral absorption. If these processes are not working optimally, the brain can suffer and an individual can experience low moods, anxiety, brain fog, poor concentration and even short term memory loss.
There are many things that we can do from a nutrition and lifestyle perspective to improve the health of our gut, and in turn, our brain.  This workshop includes practical nutrition and lifestyle tips individuals can apply to their daily lives presented in a fun and tangible way.