Walking Between the Worlds Ceremony with Darlene Drewniak (11:30-12:45)

Honoring the father and mother principle in divine union; the guardians of earth mother Gaia and divine wisdom of peace invite you to gather in sacred circle, activating you for soul retrieval and awakening from dreamtime. Integrating and transmuting frequencies from your reflective day, allow the healing pulse of the earth mother to embrace your soul essence as I, Darlene and Archangel Metatron walk you through the underworld and the celestial night sky. Merging with spirit and matter we’re shaking up and shaking out the spirits!!

The New Light of this world is within your awakening consciousness. Attuning to your frequency of loving compassion you honor your essence code, clearing and integrating pathways that have block you from your spiraling pillar of source light through the gateway of the Emerald Flame. Now is the time to transcend your lack of power in the linear matrix and learn to co-create with the power of ONE within the crystalline diamond grid on Gaia. You are the Bringers of the New Love Light, the illumination of love frequency.