Who is I Am?

The Crew Behind the I Am Festival

Maurice Thibodeau

Chief Engineer of Transformational Experiences & Chair

Maurice Thibodeau

As a Certified Coach and passionate advocate for Living on Purpose, Maurice brings to the team the vision for creating transformational experiences to allow individuals the opportunity to be free and truly authentic. As a business coach, he works with entrepreneurs to pull them out of the “Doing because I should” auto-pilot mode and moves them to a “Did it because I could” state. He is responsible for making sure you have a great experience at the I Am Festival.

Tracy Thibodeau

Chief Cat Herder and Planning Magician & Vice-Chair

Also a certified Coach, Past Host of Relationship TV and a Certified Project Manager, Tracy has dedicated her life to helping individuals move forward in their lives by helping them imagine the possibility, envision their dreams and build a plan to start moving on. Her current passion project is facilitating Mother-Daughter Workshops designed to help young women understand their own power and source of confidence and happiness. Tracy is responsible for making sure that the vision of the I Am Festival is carried out to ensure your transformational experience.

Shannon McGill

Talent Ambassador & Secretary

Shannon McGill

I’ve been excited to be a part of the I Am journey from the beginning. My role as Talent Ambassador involves making sure our presenters have a great time, and feel part of the I Am family. I love fostering the overall vibe of the festival, where everyone can find a peaceful, happy, and welcoming place — and get to know all of the genuine & beautiful people our festival brings together. With the formation of the board this year, it’s great to collaborate with individuals passionate to help the festival and its participants thrive.

And many, many people behind the scenes!!!

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