Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the festival taking place?
The festival is located on a remote acreage in the Interlake about 45 minutes north of Winnipeg on an 80 acres owned by Ignite Retreats. It’s located about 10 minutes south west of Teulon, MB. Well-removed from the sights and sounds of the city, taken-in by a property that offers the ultimate peaceful soul experience. See the previous year’s layout of the festival grounds here. It’s Manitoba’s most unique Festival and Retreat grounds!
What will I experience at the I Am Festival?
The I Am Festival is a personal discovery retreat weekend. You choose your agenda and you find your moment there.
Some people choose to immerse themselves in the energy of the sessions and take the time to do some soul-searching to questions that have kept them up at night. Others take in a few sessions but prefer to wander the grounds and float in hammocks where good conversations take place. Others come for the festival community and the campfires. It’s your experience. One thing for sure, you’ll leave feeling a whole lot fuller and recharged!
I have been to the festival before, what will be different?
I Am Festival is not quite a retreat, not quite a festival, but in that sweet spot in the middle. We’re still keeping it simple, keeping it small, and keeping it spectacular! We’re focusing on Comm-Unity over chaos and overwhelming choices. We added a recovery/rejuvenation space in 2021 and that will be back! We call in the Restiful Rejuvenation Lounge. Imagine walking into a space with some of the most heart centered and talented practitioners in the province, providing services of relaxation and restoration, like massage therapy, rapid release coaching, meditation, astrological readings, and so much more, ALL included in the ticket price! There is also no extra fee for camping! Simplicity. Comm-Unity. Bring your RV/Camper trailer to sleep, also no extra fee! One price. One immersive experience.
I don’t know anyone to come with me?
Not to worry! You’ll find you’ll feel a part of the community easily right from your Welcome Booth Experience. Many people come by themselves, so you’ll be sure to meet some new friends!
Can I come for just the music?
Not this year. With maintaining a small gathering, we limit the people coming and going to build community. We hope you’ll consider coming for the weekend!
Will there be food at the festival?
Yes! We will have vegan and meat options to nourish and refuel as well as bars for sale at the vending station.  And as always, following the principle of radical self-reliance, it’s a good idea to pack your own favorites. Vendors may not be able to accommodate all dietary needs
How loud is it at night, will I get sleep?
The center campfire often leads to a very early morning sing-along.  It is recommended that campers practice RADICAL SELF-RELIANCE.  What this means is to choose your campsite location wisely (ask for where quieter camping is) AND bring ear plugs to ensure your rest.
How do I Register for Sessions?
This year we will have two tracks – scheduled programming or community-run programming. No registration is required.
Will there be WiFi?
When we say #GetConnected – we don’t mean to the internet. There is no wifi on the festival grounds and there is limited cell service. It’s the perfect opportunity to unplug and connect with yourself, nature and the I Am Community. You’ll #GetConnected in other ways.
Will there be bugs?
Have we mentioned the festival takes place in the Manitoban Interlake? You will likely come across the occasional ant or mosquito out in the festival grounds so come prepared. Wasps also adore the Saskatoons, so please advise a volunteer if you spot an active nest. Although August is beyond the typical wood Tick Season, watch for these guys who may have lingered.
Will there be places to walk?
The Wisdom Walk trail is waiting for you! Just a reminder that off the trail lies a lovely lot of POISON IVY – so stay on the cut trails.
What should I bring to the I Am Festival?
We’ve put together a list of some ideas to get you thinking…

  • your confirmation number
  • camping gear for camping
  • refillable water bottle
  • sheet for massage table (if you plan to get a massage)
  • coffee mug
  • a plate and utensils to minimize trash
  • yoga mat
  • a blanket to cuddle by the fire
  • bug repellent
  • sunscreen
  • cash for food and amazing vendors
  • snacks or money for food purchase
  • head lamp or flash light
  • a lawn chair
  • a tarp to put under your tent to keep it dry (the grounds are wetter than typical)
  • Rubber boots/muck boots if it might rain
  • downloaded maps, schedule (we will not have copies available as we work towards a green experience)
  • See more ideas HERE.
How can I be a presenter at the festival?
Applications are now closed for this year’s festival.
Where do I see the schedule?
We’ll be releasing the details in the upcoming months. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday experience keynotes, workshops, yoga classes and live music performances from top teachers and performers in wellness, movement and the arts.And back by popular demand – The Restful Rejuvenation Lounge: rest, explore and relax while enjoying services being offered across the spectrum of wellness and well being at center camp from over 20 different service providers.

Are dogs allowed?
Pets are not allowed at the Festival grounds. I Am Festival recommends Sundog Boarding Kennels. Contact Tamara via Facebook or via phone (204) 404-7690.
Are children welcome?
The I Am Festival is designed for an individual retreat to focus on yourself. We hope that after a weekend of exploration you return to your families feeling fulfilled and empowered. The event is not designed for Children.
When do gates open?
Gates open – Friday at 4:00p,  Saturday at 8:30am and Sunday at 8:30am. Gates close by 10:00pm – if you need a late arrival time, please message us through Facebook before the festival.
Do I need to bring my ticket?
It’s a good idea to have your confirmation number handy, however you don’t need to print your ticket.
How do I register for sessions?
No need to register for sessions.
I forgot my password.
Your confirmation email has your username in it and you can use the handy Forgot Password link at the bottom of the login screen to reset your password.

Camping and Accommodations:

Can I camp at the festival?
Absolutely! We highly recommend that you immerse yourself in the I Am Festival experience. Please note that Vehicles are only permitted in the camping zones if your unit is your sleeping unit and you chose the ticket with the camper pass so we knew to expect you. You cannot move your vehicle during the festival (no in/out priveleges).
How many camp zones are available?
Please note that the camping is set in Zones, not sites, so you can park your tent right near a fellow I Am Festivaler and #GetConnected together or find a spot alone.  Campsites cannot be reserved. If you want to camp with a group of friends, you need to arrive together to ensure you get a spot together.
What services are available at the camp sites?
All camp sites are non-serviced sites. Portable toilets are on-site, but come prepared to camp in the natural elements of the beautiful Interlake.  Also, a community sink is available for washing dishes.
Are generators allowed in the Campground?
Unfortunately not, we need to preserve the quiet space.

Q:   How do Services at the Rejuvenation Lounge Work?

A: Each Weekend Pass purchase comes with three tokens to the Rejuvenation Lounge. Exchange a token with a service provider to receive their service.  Note: Sessions in the Movement Masters Playground and the Sacred Song Sanctuary are available to anyone and do not require a token.

Q:   I bought a day pass can I use the services in the Rejuvenation Lounge?

A: Services in the Rejuvenation Lounge are reserved for token holders.

Can I cook on a campfire?
Center camp fire will be lit in the evening as the only campfire allowed due to the extreme risk of fires.  You are welcome to bring your own fuel stove. Fires are NOT PERMITTED outside the designated areas.
Is there water on site? Should I bring my own water?
Yes! There are water stations for washing and drinking on site. Bring your own water bottle for refills. Some people do prefer to bring their own water to keep at their campsite.
Are there showers?
There is no hot water on site.
If I don’t want to camp in a tent, where can I stay?
We put together some accommodation options here!

Any other Questions?

Contact us – we’d love to hear from you!