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We need in-kind donations too!

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I Am Community.

The I Am Festival is a not for profit-event that brings individuals together to deepen their connection with humanity.

We believe events like the I Am Festival have the power to change the world by creating stronger individuals, families, businesses, and communities.

The I Am Festival proudly supports local artists and professionals in the areas of yoga, art, music, physiotherapy, dance, nutrition and mindfulness.

We celebrate diversity, wellness, and conservation.

Sponsorship contributions are an essential part of what allows us to succeed. Every contribution counts.

We invite you to join us as we inspire positive transformation together.



Items needed:

  • Large water tank
  • Solar lights
  • Small folding tables for water coolers
  • Water truck for weekend of event
  • Porta Potties
  • Work gloves
  • 12 gauge or lower extension cords
  • Working inverters or quiet generators 2500 KW plus

Please email us if you have any of these items to lend or donate!


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