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Ignite Retreats, Teulon, MB.

Welcome to an experience that takes the best of a retreat (restore, revive, relax), and the best of a festival (music, play, and community) and combines them to create an immersive experience to serve your soul.

A place where you can take deep breaths during your outdoor yoga class, explore new ways of navigating your well-being, move your body and dance the night away with some of Manitoba’s best musicians.

We consider it an honor and a privilege to provide this opportunity to you.

Once upon a time, I took a walk at the I Am Festival and…

I followed a green grass trail and I enjoyed the cool feeling of the grass between my toes. Each step felt like a new bundle of sensations as my toes touched the ground and the grass pushed up between them like a never-ending game to peek-a-boo.

The grass and I enjoyed a few rounds of toe peek-a-boo and then I took my gaze from the grassy ground to the person just ahead of me. She was walking in the same direction, about the same speed as me, also barefoot. I wonder if she had discovered the same peek-a-boo game as I! Amused I continued to the opening at the end of the trail which opens into a giant circle. “This is what they must call Center Camp,” I think to myself.

I see white tents all around the outer edge of the circle. I look with curiosity – along the one side I see several people in total bliss as they receive massage treatments and energy healing from RMT’s and Reiki masters, along the other side I notice a circle of connected females in a deep discussion, a master facilitator is guiding them, and I can tell by their expressions, eye contact, and body language that the level of listening in that circle is far beyond what I normally observe.

“That’s an authentic relating circle,” run by Ali Tataryn. “There are several throughout the weekend,” says the Center Camp welcome volunteer that has noticed your intrigue. “Let me know if you have any questions, and if I can help you get signed up,” she offers with a glowing smile.

I smile back and say, “Thanks.”

My eyes continues to wander and I see several one-on-one sessions of people receiving wisdom from coaches, nutritionists, time-management experts, life designers, and spirit guides. In the middle of the circle, there are a few more clusters of people in meaningful discussion, some are excitedly expressive, while others are more deeply connected — as if they were sharing life stories of great meaning. I wonder if these folks are old friends or new friends, and I realize it doesn’t really matter, they look so comfortable and connected.

I see another group in a wider circle to the far right. In the middle of the circle are several instruments. An acoustic guitarist and a drummer set the pace and people around the circle pick up the instruments and blend in with the beat. Somehow, almost by magic, the vibrations and tones blend together in harmony, I can see it’s a delightful surprise, even to some of the participants.

“We call that the Sacred Song Sanctuary, it’s a place to explore your creative self. I definitely recommend your check that out this weekend, it’s got programming all day!” The welcome volunteer offers, still with a beaming smile.

She then points towards a tent in the distance down another grass trail, far enough that I can't see exactly what's happening, yet close enough to still be in sight. 

“And in there, that’s the Movement Masters Playground. Go there to connect with your body. There are movement sessions all day long including yoga, dance, and even some free-flow movement.”

“So how does it all work?” I ask.

“Included with your ticket, you have three I Am Tokens, use these to sign up for any of the sessions being offerred. And the best part is, the Sacred Song Sanctuary, and the Movement Masters Playground, are entirely open, you don’t need tokens for those. Of course, everything on mainstage is also included. So all you really need to decide is which three services to choose.”

The volunteer directs my attention to a giant board that lists all the services being offered.

“Choose from any of these, and don’t worry, if they fill up, there are so many great choices, you really can’t go wrong. Enjoy your weekend, and let me know if I can help in any way.” She drifts away to help another participant.

I look at the board and notice my rising excitement as I begin to decide just how I’ll treat myself this weekend.

“What will I choose.” I ponder.

  • Massage Therapy with RMT’s Peter Isaak, Ivan Arevalo, and others.
  • Astrological Readings and Universal Understanding by Leah Light and Tate Harrison Hiebert (Oz Conscious)
  • Authentic Relating Circles with Ali Tataryn
  • Ecstatic Motherhood Circles with Jasmine Van de Laar
  • Fatherhood Circles with Maurice Thibodeau
  • Reiki and chakra cleansing by Brie Henderson
  • Creative Endeavors with Rachel Starbloom
  • Forest Sound Bath with Elisa Wiebe
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Healing with Nicole Peel
  • Drummers Soul Workshop with Jesse Singer
  • Bio Map Readings by Trevor Menard
  • Coaching Connection with Dr. Marti Glenn and Ken Bruer (all the way from Santa Barbara California)
  • Relationship & Sexuality Coaching with Kellie Johnsen (all the way from Hawaii)
  • Readings From The Other Side – with medium Krista Kehler-Menard
  • Access Consciousness Bars & Intuitive Massage from Maria-Louisa Zachar



In The Song Soul Sanctuary

  • CommUNITY Jam Session – with dynamic hosts including Delva Delva, Oz Consciousness, and more.
  • Creative Soul Talent Showcase – organic music magic
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Enlightenment with Vivian Morningstar
  • Hawaiian HA Breath of Life with Aaron Johnsen (all the way from Hawaii)
  • Soul Beats with Producer Daniel Chavez
  • Many Music Magic Contributions: Devla Devla, Rachel Starbloom, Jesse Singer, Shay Wolf, Oz Conscious, and more.
  • Poetic Expression with Ken Bruer (all the way from Santa Barbara, California)

A soulful place of co-creation, envigorating all the senses!

Hosted by the talented and dynamic Delva Delva

In The Movement Masters Playground

  • Yoga from Peony Wolf, Derek Pang, Abeth Encarnacion, Kris Garner, Heather McDermid, Alexandra Tataryn, Elisa Wiebe, Casandra Carmelina Marie Orantes, Kris Gartner.
  • Dance by Tamarah Blossom
  • Featuring soundscapes by Yoyu (Ali Khan).

Let your body lead the way.

After careful consideration, I trust my gut and sign in for three of the services I feel called to experience. One of them, I’ve done before and know I will enjoy. The other, has always intrigued me, but I’ve never had the opportunity to check it out. And the third, it’s a group one that I’m a little nervous about, but I’m here to push myself, so I’m open to try.

Then, with a deep breath, I release any anxiousness. I can feel this space hold me. I am here; I am exactly where I am meant to be.

See the FAQs for more information

A Festival Experience of Expression, Rejuvenation, Play, and Celebration

Your Personal Retreat Weekend

Less than an hour outside Winnipeg!

An Experience Curated For You.

Immersed In Nature

Hosted on Ignite Retreats. One of Manitoba’s most unique festival and retreat grounds. This space has been built specifically to host retreats and festival experiences.

You’ll enjoy unique installs and spaces that include some folk festival campground icons like “The Hive” and the “The Ship.” Even the bathroom experience was built by the infamous “Castle Boys.”

At Ignite Retreats, enjoy acres and acres of trees, walking trails, and well trees camping sites.

The main stage is literally nestled among the popular trees, a sight to see.

Mind, Body, and Soul

For the Yogis, it’s yoga out in nature.

For the explorers, its wisdom walks through groomed trails where green leaves filter sunshine rays to light the path ahead.

For the introspective, it’s inspirational talks to open the mind and meditation to calm the nervous system.

For those searching, it’s a place filled with individuals who have had their own journeys to share.

For lovers of music and expression, it’s a place to be moved, inspired, and filled up.

You’ll find it difficult to find a place so conducive to unplugging, relaxing, and transforming. Many people travel miles, over oceans, to get this type of experience. For the Manitobans, we’ve built it for you in your own backyard.

You can’t un-know the feeling of being one with yourself and with nature. It’s an experience that becomes a part of you.

Your Personal Journey

As you are greeted by the Welcome team, you’ll be guided through the paths to the festival grounds where you’ll come through Center Camp and feel the heartbeat of the festival grounds. Nature will flow in through your inhales and relax your soul.

It’s an experience that will fill you up. Please join us.