Flying Connection, Acro Yoga 101 with Desiree Furletti-Joyal & Eric Furletti-Joyal

Have you ever seen Acro Yoga and wanted to try it?  This is your chance.

This is an introduction class for all skill levels.

Acro Yoga is a growing dynamic art in the consciousness community where fitness meets connection. It is an opportunity for individuals to connect deeper with others as well as their bodies through flow. Using the L-base technique, we will guide you through the fundamentals of acro terminology and gain more body awareness and mobility. Poses we will work on in this workshop are Bird, Folded Leaf, Thrown, and Side Star while providing instructions on how to deepen the stretches and strenghten the muscles for beautiful shapes! Come join us, whether you’re a base or a flyer, and connect with community with this wonderful flow art!