Food 2018


Food Options

This year we are excited to announce we’ll have a variety of options:

Download the “I Am Nourished” Food Service Menu¬†for offline viewing, or see below.

Perogie Spot will also be onsite!

I Am Nourished


Fresh & Light

Veggies and Hummus $4.00

Strawberry Spinach Salad $7.00
Spinach topped with refreshing cucumbers, juicy strawberries, red onion, and a touch a
crunchy pumpkin seeds
Top it off with chicken (+$2), creamy goat cheese (+$1), or hearty avocado (+$1)
Choice of Raspberry or Balsamic Vinaigrette

Deluxe Vermicelli Bowl $7.00
Get your body and tummy dancing with delight in a bowl full of goodness! Fresh
cucumber, crunchy carrots, and bean sprouts, on top rice noodles and lettuce. Topped
off with fresh mint, lime, and peanuts.
Choice of fish sauce or soya sauce.
Add chicken (+$2)


Hearty & Hot

Taco in a Bag $8.00
A bag of cheesy nacho or plain taco chips with your favorite toppings such as green
onions, juicy tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, greek yogurt and taco beef.
Vegan… vegetarian? We got you… black beans slow cooked in simmering taco spices.
Just opt out the the dairy throw in some avocado!


Wrap It Up

Mexican Black bean & Egg Wrap $8.00
Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner or lunch? We do! So dive in for this yummy hearty
breakfast wrap!
Slow cooked black beans and farm fresh scrambled eggs with salsa and chili, cumin,
and cilantro spices. Wrapped up in a whole wheat wrap with lettuce or spinach, green
onions, greek yogurt, and marble cheese.
Gluten free? Make it a Mexican breakfast bowl!

Chicken Ranch Wrap $8.00
Shredded slow cooked ranch chicken with lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes.
Choice of avocado or cheese on top. Wrapped up in a whole wheat wrap.



Coconut Water $3.00

Kombucha $5.00

At the I Am festival we are dedicated to offering all you lovely folks a variety of nutritious
and delicious menu options! Versatile in having vegan, vegetarian, gluten free options,w
while still keeping it simple and as locally sourced as possible! Please dig, enjoy, and let
us know how we can accommodate you! Thank you. Cheers!