Refund Request for I Am 2020


Refund Request for I Am 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that due to the COVID-19 situation, there will not be an I Am Festival 2020.

We care about you and your health, first and foremost, and we cannot create the type of event that you have come to expect of us and still ensure everyone’s safety.  As a non-profit organization that exists to create transformational experiences for you, we are sad that we are unable to do that for you this year.  

If you have already purchased a ticket for this year’s edition, full refunds are available by filling out the Request Form below, however we hope you consider donating your ticket (in full or in part) as a contribution to our future during these uncertain times.

You can imagine the impact that cancelling our signature event has on our ability to withstand operational costs over the course of the year. While there won’t be a festival this year, your help is needed, if you are able, we invite you to consider donating all or a portion of your ticket to support us.

As a ticket holder, simply fill in the form below indicating how you would like us to proceed for your ticket. We’ll be processing the requests in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions – do not hesitate to reach out to Tracy Thibodeau, co-founder and Vice-Chair at