I Am Gratitude

I Am Festival 2018: thrive’s forward


To each and every one of you – every single donation and show of support means so much to us.

With the outpouring of love and support, and hearing what the I AM Festival means to you, we have decided…. CLOSE ENOUGH…. Let’s go forward with this year’s festival, with the faith that the support is still spreading to more amazing souls who want a place to retreat, recharge and feed their souls.

We received such an outpouring of supporters – offering up auction items and donations, sharing stories and song; and of course, purchasing tickets to experience this festival firsthand.

With all of this added up, we decided to push forward with an attitude of abundance!

I Am Festival 2018 is moving forward as planned. 

The board is excited!
The energy has shifted, I can feel it as I type these words.

The vendors, the presenters, and the land are here to receive you.

Come as you are.

With abundant love,

Maurice Thibodeau
On behalf of the I Am Team

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