Making Magic Interview with Keith Macpherson – hosted by Beth Martens

In this interview series you will get up close and personal with the I Am Festival artists, teachers and healers to hear their personal story of transformation and how they overcame their obstacles along the path to having these key roles in our community. From listening you will:

– Be inspired to take risks and do whatever it takes to get past the hurdles in your own lives.
– You will get to unravel some of the mysteries of the magic, and see exactly how it’s made behind the scenes.
– Gain insights about the nature of your own transformation stories that will help you to have an even more amazing experience at I Am Festival.
– Increase your confidence in yourself that you may need to take bigger, life-changing steps in your life.
– Get a clearer idea on what to expect from attended the I Am Festival.
– Hear the stories, insights and moments that brought this Manitoba festival to life and what is it that keeps it going.

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